AIX JFS2 Data Recovery Tool: j2recover

j2recover is the most powerful tool for jfs2 data recovery in AIX, which can be used for mounted or unmounted jfs2 file systems.

When j2recover is used for unmounted file system, it will try best to recover inodes in their original location without copy,
thus greatly improved the performance since it minimized the IO activity, and also greatly saved disk space for restore.

Sometimes some file systems of production system can not be unmounted when files are wrongly deleted.
In such case j2recover can be used for mounted file system, and it will copy restored files to specified location.

Sometimes deleted files maybe has been overwritten by other files. But some files(such as text file) might still valuable even it has been partially overwritten.
j2recover can also restore deleted files even they are partially or totally overwritten. And j2recover will report what blocks are overwritten in the file.
Thus user can check the file content and get those valuable data without overwriting.

How to test j2recover
1. Download j2recoverlist
2. Create a new jfs2 file system, and create lots files in this test file system.
3. Run "sync;sync;rm -rf *" in test file system.
4. Run j2recoverlist to check what j2recover can restore.

How to restore deleted files
1. umount the file system ASAP if umount is allowed
2. run j2recoverlist to check what files we can restore
3. send j2recoverlist report file to